List of Charities

Philanthropy is in our blood. We live by the belief that to whom much is given, much is expected. Therefore, we give our money and time to our church first, then a few local charities that embody the values and principles we believe it takes to unite and strengthen a community. We choose to support local charities because we believe giving should start in our own backyards. We do so, knowing that this is a sustainable way to make a lasting and genuine impact in our community.

Pearland House Concerts hosts some terrific musicians in a casual and fun-filled environment!  However, it is also our hope that you will learn more about these charities and their important missions-  and feel compelled to join us in supporting them!

Below are the charities we focus most of our energy on:

United Against Human Trafficking (UAHT)

Victims of human trafficking are subjected to force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor. Human trafficking victims are children, teenagers, men, women, U.S. citizens and immigrants. As the fourth largest city in the country, Houston’s diversity makes it easy for trafficking victims to blend in with the general population. United Against Human Trafficking is ending human trafficking through awareness, education, and outreach.

Rescued Pets Movement (RPM)

Rescued Pets Movement Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the country and Canada that have a demand for adoptable pets. Since starting operations in late 2013, Rescued Pets Movement has saved the lives of over 22,000 homeless companion animals by rescuing them from BARC and transporting them to permanent homes. Every week that number grows!

Little Footprints Children's Ministry

Little Footprints is a unique ministry in that it is involved in the parent’s lives on a somewhat daily basis as we strive to keep children from ever having to go into the state system. We seek to do this by providing street moms with the means to change their lives through: offering referrals to shelters, unwed mother’s homes, rehabilitation ministries, and providing practical needs such as pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, diapers, wipes, clothing for mom and baby, and formula. Our ultimate goal is to protect the children while empowering parents to raise there child when possible. However, when one or both parents are unable or unwilling to make the changes necessary to protect their children from these at-risk lifestyles, we offer referrals to adoptive services through Loving Houston Adoption Agency as an alternative to state care. With your help, we can protect little feet from the street by partnering with the Father heart of God through rescuing and caring for these little ones.

PEP Prision Entepreneurship Program

PEP is dedicated to delivering the nation’s best outcomes in the prison re-entry field. We provide unparalleled resources and real-world values-based business skills to inmates so that once they are back in society they have the tools, skills and support structure to pursue healthy, fulfilling and productive lives. PEP clients are immersed in a proven program comprised of one-on-one training with executive volunteers, business plan mentoring with seasoned professionals and a highly competitive business plan competition.


iWRITE inspires kids to WRITE their own stories and provides publishing and leadership opportunities to our youth. At iWRITE, we embrace both sides of literacy, focusing on the importance of being a reader and a writer at a young age. At iWRITE, we believe that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood, which is why we encourage our children to create daily and enter our annual short story contest, I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids. Reading and Writing keeps kids creative! iWrite has also given opportunities to kids who want to enter the reading and writing world professionally through internships and mentoring.

We'll Get This

We'll Get This is a non-profit organization supporting children with cancer and their families with transportation costs and other challenges.  This organization was started by Tobin Cresswell who wanted to help other cancer patients and their families. Tobin passed in 2017, but his mission lives on! Learn more and get involved!

His Grace Foundation

His Grace Foundation provides physical, emotional and financial support for the patients and families on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMTU) of Texas Children’s Hospital. His Grace Foundation, was founded by Erin and John Kiltz after their youngest daughter, Gracie, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 2 and began treatment at TCH. The BMTU, which has 15 beds, treats the "sickest of the sick” and is considered, by the medical professionals who oversee the care and treatment of these children, as the last hope for their healing.  Patients served by TCH often live in the Greater Houston area, but many come from other cities, states, and even countries, leaving behind their local support systems.